Summer Smiciklas

Building Eden  

WE built a house for US.  Inside of OUR heads,  
decorating the  
empty spaces in OUR  
faint futures.  

WE need a bay window,  I say.  
Yes! A bay window,  
she agrees.  

Glass glazed, glowing  
Hazy in the fading light 
Break fast on the apple 
Only I will eat  

A library,  
The wood,  
deep cherry.  

Abroad, Scotland, living 
out our outlander dreams.  
France, Fresh French fields 
of lavender sprawling.  

Oh, these simply flimsy 
flights of fancy  
I feasted on.  

WE build our Eden  
But two young girls dreaming 
aloud attracts attentions 
of the people also out  
and about.  

She looks at them,  
looks at me, and…  
We’re just joking,  
she says.  
But I  
am not in  
on the joke.  

We built a house for us. 
Now I wonder  
if there’s even  
room for me. 

About the Author: Summer Smiciklas is 20 years old, and she has lived in Florida her whole life. She currently  attends Flagler College, where she studies English, creative writing, and fine art. Her other  interests besides writing include painting, singing, playing music, and reading. This is her first  time being published.