Julia Cote

The Get Back Trick 

I’m one word that isn’t a word 
At all but a bed stripped of 
Sheets, stains all exposed. 

But it isn’t even a mattress 
It’s like being inside one, like 
Being packed on all sides with 

Cotton or some rougher filling-you 
Up-stuff. Poor me, mattress, 
Matter. I’m thinking now, my 

Bad mood self, is thinking how 
Right before I barely died the 
Second time, I chopped my 

Hair like a lick around my 
Chin. It looked like, just 
Like, the way my mom cut 

My hair until I was five. Right now I’m 
Thinking, myself is thinking, it was all a 
Mistake. I can run back to the 

Doctors and tell them their jobs were 
Done in vain because now I 
Know I was trying, I was only 

Trying to get back 
Somewhere, and I just 
Overshot it a few years.

About the Author: Julia Cote is a twenty-year old writer from Rhode Island, currently working towards getting her Bachelors in Professional Writing at Champlain College. Since August of 2023, she has been the Managing Editor at her school’s nonfiction and poetry publication, Chivomengro, where her own nonfiction work is occasionally published. She writes as a means of extricating her experiences, positioning them where she can see them clearly and hopefully make sense of her own reality.