Inertia Ayvor Moyo


She is a he I adore,
Standing guard over the fruits she bore,
Her love protectively covering like a blanket,
Providing comfort and warmth like a two in one,
For she is one to do a job for two.
She is a he,
I hear her busily buzz like a bee,
Her glory glimmering upon her flower,
As she races and paces with masculine power,
Like an equipped machine to produce sweetness,
Inviting heavenly grace to glow on her pretty face.
Her trousery skirt like Jesus' ancient garment,
A touch of it's hem silencing every lament.

She is an awesome he,
Her prayers, a universal key,
Forever loyal  in her double duty,
Like a warming sun in the morning of June.
Big breasted in the day yet bearded in the night,
Chasing butterflies of the day and fireflies of the night to keep it bright,
I see the man in the woman,
He who lives in her,
Hats off to the female father.

About the Author: Inertia Ayvor Moyo is an 18 year old young lady, born and raised in a small village in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe.The young ambitious teen  aims to impact, influence and inspire through the art of poetry that resides in her soul. Ayvor is known as the Royalbard in the world of art and envisions a dramatic change in attitudes towards poetry.