Clara Hall

The Mezzanine

a low story between two others in a building,
typically between the ground and first floors.

It can be an uncomfortable place
with an unpleasant feeling of unbelonging. 
Some would say 
it’s a hiccup in design,
it’s a sneeze in the structure—
like a staircase step grown motion-sick and stubborn,
settling in and spreading out.

It does not know what it wants to be,
slouching restless in the in-between,
wanting to be noticed
yet shy at the same time—
caught in the “almost there,”
never the destination.

About the Author: Clara Hall is a 19 year old from Louisiana. She is a sophomore at Louisiana Christian University studying social work, with a minor in English. She has enjoyed creative writing from a young age. This is her second poem to be published. Along with writing, Clara has a passion for working with vulnerable children at home and abroad. Above all, she aims to use her life to share her love for Jesus.