Brook Wellington


Risen up to meet sky again;

       What a morbid hello

Is it true what they say about revivals?

From the ashes come a hardened creation

        reborn in flame,


That word would be candy to you

Permission to engage in the performance of pleasure

       To gorge yourself on convexing, concaving figure

        with swelling chest

        and kicking feet

There is no toughened piece of skin on me

       just an indent of your satiated appetite 

       Peeling myself apart from the relic 

                Is to scorch the flayed remains to 


                There is no phoenix in me.

Any rising heat is met with crashing waves of recollection

       a wretched affliction. 

with which I do what?



With wings pinned back I consider



        beneath earth


About the Author: Brook Wellington is a high school senior in Boulder Colorado. In their 18 years of age they have dedicated themselves to multiple forms of art—including but not limited to: poetry, short stories, painting, and music. You can routinely find them listening to open mics and cheering on other creatives. Their inspirations spans all the way from Emily Dickinson to Amy Winehouse. They are ecstatic to publish their poetry for the first time with Girls Right the World.