Ana Herrera

Your Pink and Purple Cat 

The memory lingers as the soft sweeping 
Of a cat’s pink coat on a bruised violet knee. 
Your childhood cat, 
Petted and pampered nostalgia. 
Inevitable womanhood is this plump plum knee. 
Tools of (juvenescence or girlhood), necessary, to
unweed. With the sore swelling of my arms I pull and
pull, Desperately trying to unroot bubblegum-colored

Fuzzy pink and purple pajama pants 
Hugging cat scratched legs, 
Before thigh gaps measured one’s worth. 

Sweet sap-like lip gloss, 
A slick tick of strawberry, 
Before girlish lips become to please another’s. 

Or the bumped bedazzled pink collar 
Of your feline friend 
Before your lonely realization is relayed. 

Oh that girlish little cat. 
Oh how I miss her. 
Her fur was hot pink, 
With purple painted streaks. 
Before, her colors were torn and mocked. 
I miss the soft pink coat of this cat I loved, 
And still can feel so caressing my (pained) violet knee.

About the Author: Ana Herrera, a Florida resident and current high school junior, is passionate about expressing herself through writing. Actively involved in her school's newspaper, she also holds a leadership position as head officer of the writing department. Her work has been published in various publications, including her school publications, the #TeenWritersProject Quarterly Lit Zine, and most recently, Girls Right the World! Ana aspires to leave a lasting impression with her readers, hoping that even just a single stanza or single line from her poems will resonate and live on long with them.