Abdul Karim Adiza


I'm a lady, often seen as a rag
Judged by others, my worth in a bag.
But don't forget the strength I hold within
Many like me, they've tried to pin.
I'm like leaves trampled, yet I rise above
For I am a lady, fierce and tough.
Wives blamed for husbands' final breath,
Daughters causing turmoil in the aftermath.
But history tells of queens and scholars bright
Amina, Yaa Asantewaa, they fought the fight
And miss Bamford Addo, her story untold
These ladies of valor, their worths worth gold.

I'm a lady, with value, strength and grace, 
A warrior, a leader in life's grand race.
I can achieve whatever I set my mind to be,
For I'm a lady, fierce and proud, you see.

About the Author: Abdul Karim Adizatu, a nineteen-year-old resident of Awaso in Ghana's western North region, is currently studying at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication - Institute of Journalism. She is a budding writer and poet, with her work "Asana" published by Heritage Publishers showcasing her literary talent and creative abilities.