Jayden Leonard

In Defense of Coyness (A Response to Mr. Marvell)

You say you’ll love me forever,
Therefore, there’s time to be clever
And respond to you with “not a chance.”
Oh boy, do I enjoy this dance!
The flirt is half the fun, you know,
And girls like boys who don’t forego
The game of tease we like to play.
We’ll lead you on then pull away.
A little effort’s all we ask,
But boys—they only want it fast.
On the other hand, a man will
Already understand the drill.
So call me coy if you must,
But it takes time to earn my trust.

make a wish…or don’t

I saw a shooting star last night
and thought, “maybe the timing’s right,”
but I chose not to make a wish
in an attempt to not act childish.
I realized if I wanted change
I’d have to stop trying to arrange
constellations of you and me.

Fate or God would have to step in
and save me from my mortal sin—
from doing things I think you’d like
to make you think that I’m your type.
I’m done with blowing out candles
and thinking that I’ve got it handled,
when if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

so, wish I may, but wish I won’t,
letting go of all groundless hope.

About the Author: Jayden Leonard is a native Nebraskan who currently resides in Colorado, where she is getting her degree in English from Colorado Christian University. She has previously had pieces published in the fifth volume of Girls Right the World, as well as in her college's literary journal. Jayden hopes to continue to use poetry for creative expression in the future.