Darcy McDonald

Stretch Marks 

I gaze out at my sea of skin and watch unmoving ripples  
I view it as a pale night sky with darkened stars that stipple 
Each night my own aurora shines brightly on my hips 
The sky so soft and gentle on my fingertips  
The divots are so subtle, the movement isn’t there 
But these gorgeous gentle marks have beauty none compare 
My body is a temple, its columns crowned with stripes 
And all who fell in love with it are now my acolytes 
I gaze out at my sea of skin with confidence and pride 
To find beauty in every mark the world would have me hide

About the Author: Darcy McDonald is a 20 year old college student from Missouri. She is majoring in Art with an emphasis in Illustration. "Stretch Marks" is the first poem she has published.