Celeste Sandoval


yesterday, i was a reflection of you,
lacing our fingers (as if to prove my origin)

today, i untangled myself 
pulled and stretched as told,
in order to be my own shape.

and tomorrow, I’ll be falling,
falling, falling, falling..
please catch me

I miss the bends of your arms,
and the way you spoke my name.


i wonder in which glances 
she is seeing my father 
instead of me.

the parts of her past that will
inevitability make my skin,

is she there too, in my skin?


our hearts move on a harmonized beat

their soft hum becomes the breath to our entangled lives
and i’ve become incapable of humming,
if not with you

About the Artist: Celeste Irene Sandoval (she/her/hers) is a 19-year-old poet from Northern California, currently majoring in English at a community college. A great ton of her work tends to be about her family, stages of love, and the experiences that have made up her life. She has considered many career paths but knows that she'll be satisfied if she can continue writing. Other than poetry, Celeste dabbles in photography and constant music listening as hobbies. She is inspired daily by a plethora of lyricists, but Frank Ocean is one of the main contributors to her thoughts.