Camille Hiltbrand

The Facts of Life

I love board games, like the game of LIFE 
When I was younger, maybe eight or nine 
I felt like the future was in my hands 
All these important life choices were all mine 

I would get hired at my dream job and save up money 
Graduate from college, and buy my very own house 
In a shiny new car, that I got to choose 
I traveled the rood with my children and spouse 

I ended up at the nursing home, filled with success 
No matter how rough, I always made it through 
Every time I played, I felt a great sense of pride 
And even if I had lost, I could always start anew 

It’s been year since I’ve even played the game 
Now I’m all grown and I’ve gained more insight 
The game gave me hope for the future, but now it’s all lost 
I have learned for sure, that the game wasn’t right 

As you grew up in the game, you got to buy a house 
The only concern I had was if it was pretty 
Now I live in a tiny apartment alone 
I feel no sense of home in this overcrowded city 

As you grew up in the game, any job could be yours 
No matter your education you could be whatever 
But I wasted my prime years trying to feel 
Only to get a dead end job I’ll likely be at forever 

As you grew up in the game, money was easy to come by 
Then when you got it, you could use it on parties and vacation 
Now I’m paying stupid taxes and monthly rent 
And the gas price rises every time I pass the gas station 

As I grew up in the game, I had so much to do 
I bet my character loved every moment they had 
But here I’m stuck in a state of constant ache 
Spending each day wishing my life weren’t so bad 

Sadly I can’t go back to when I was little 
Back to the time when I was eight or nine 
I wish someone would have told me 
The game lied, and I wouldn’t end up fine 

Anorexic Addictions








About the Author: Camille HItbrand is currently a Junior in Idaho Falls Idaho. She has recently found a passion in portraying her struggles with eating through the form of poetry. She wants others to read her poetry so that they know they are not alone and recovery is possible. She hopes that as she gets older she can pursue a career in writing so that her words can reach as many people as possible.