Storm Rose


I flew from my past fast,
craving to forget favor’s flavor.
A need to find a flare that would last;
even Father’s fear failed to waver.

I couldn’t fathom how to stay
after verbal flagellation.
Instead I forged my way
and began my formulation.

I learned not to foster my fatal frustrations
for fragile foe’s feelings don’t deserve what they’ve taken.
Now I flutter free from the fake and the feeble
with fellow fine folk and favorable people. 

My family knows my fortunes,
for I feel that I have many.
And when your faith begins to flicker,
figure out that you are plenty.

My friend, I have so much farther flown
than I ever thought I’d fly,
and still I’ve further yet to go.
You should too, and here is why:

Live to feel the faint fulfillment 
of fantastic fascination.
Love, forget your fickle fears
and trust your future’s fabrication.

About the Author: Storm Rose is a Junior Creative Writing major at Ohio Northern University and is a born and raised Ohioan. She has had short stories published in the Sesquicentennial edition of the ONU Magazine and The Storyteller Anthology. Storm spends most of her free time consuming stories in every form—movies, music, art, theatre, dance, and of course, books. She is also still trying to develop her superpowers, hoping to follow in the footsteps of the comic book character she was named after. In the meantime however, she continues to write, as it is her favorite power she has thus far discovered.