Maya Shvab

Under the Sunflowers

Fields of crescent gold
Pass by in a blur of yellow
Flocks of pheasants diving 
Down into the budding ground
Their feathers sleek with morning dew
Glistening blue in the morning light
I sit with my long lost lover 
Under the elderly sunflowers
Rounded shadows cast on his face
He whispered onto my lips softly
Hints of pomegranate and cherries
I felt the roots reach out of the soil
And wrap their hungry claws around me
I could sink into forever right now
Just to remember his smile
The one he saved just for me 


You planted seeds in the burrows of my scars
So now, when the spring showers cleanse me
Wild roses grow and shroud my body whole
Every autumn like clockwork, they shrivel and wilt
Their thorns open my scars wider than the last time
It’s how you’ll find me cowering at your doorstep
By the time the first snowflakes cover the ground
Soft pearlescent white stained with deep red
Love me back to health, then leave me stranded
Only thorns can open my wounds to wild roses

About the Author: Maya is a seventeen-year-old student from Canada, currently studying in France. Her poems are mostly based on human relationships expressed through the nature that she observes around her. She draws inspiration from the streets of Paris and its vivid forests.