Lindsey Estrada

To My Favorite Picture 

When I was five we went to DisneyWorld 
magic was embedded in every building, 
although my dad  complained about how he felt like his brain 
would fry like an egg in the heat of Florida, 
hearing my bubbly laugh when meeting 
the characters I loved made it somewhat 
bearable again. After hours of laughing 
and some more complaining from my dad, 
we sat on a brick bench with thousands 
of baby pink flowers behind it, 
my mom took out her camera 
we smiled, the joy engulfed us in
a bubble and nothing could touch us. 
not realizing in that moment that I would use this 
picture to remember my dad now,
in front of those flowers, every time 
I want to see my dad, that’s how 
I choose to look at us.

About the Author: The author of this poem is Lindsey Estrada. She’s a senior from Pompton Lakes, NJ and will be attending Quinnipiac University in the fall. This is her first publication and it is about her and her father reminiscing on a special picture.