Hannah Maryott

when food talks

dear old me.

i know you.

i know how the hunger carves and weaves into your soul.

with the late nights of aching sleep and

water, only… water.

when the pasta screams at you and bread wraps it's hands around your throat, vegetables are quieter still, but water stays silent.

when food talks to you, and you don't talk to anyone it becomes the strangest thing.

water becomes the safe choice, the one that stops the quiet whispers in the hall or strange looks by teammates. 

maybe you imagine them, but they are real enough to your brain.

starting to resent swimming and lakes, hating being surrounded by more and more… water. water not being your savior but instead your captor and what was holding you hostage.

the hardest thing we, me and you, would ever do is tune out the food.

eating what we want to became a challenge and one we learned to take, and when food talks, we began to talk about it to the people who cared… and something amazing happened. 

food began to stay silent.

when food talks, huh.


a healed you.

About the Author: Hannah Maryott is a fifteen year old girl from Texas, who couldn’t be more excited about submitting writing to an organization dedicated to empowering young women. She is a dancer, and is continuing her break into the fine arts world with poetry. Hannah is bringing awareness to the world of disordered eating, and to social issues along with mental health disorders. She can’t wait to see what she can do with her future!