Hailey Desmarais

I Am Here 

I  am not here,
Just a shadow... a piece of dust.
The always positive person,
Sometimes will crumble.
The person too shy to speak up,
Might have been through much.
The person you judged,
Is now standing tall.
The person you assumed would fall! ,
Rises above.
All power, the weak and suffering.. rise
the people you don’t stand to notice.
Just look around,
I am here. 

About the Author: Hailey Desmarais, 16, lives in Assonet MA. A sophomore at Apponquet Regional High School. Her favorite hobbies are running, hiking, kayaking, biking, writing, and acting. Some of her previous publications include being in the podcast " A moment of your time" by Curt Co, and also being in Creative Communication published book during 2020. She much enjoys writing and can't wait to see where her writing will take her next.