Grace Schwenk

Make it Make Sense 

Go change. Have you been gaining weight? Do you even eat? You’re not wearing that to school. You had such chipmunk cheeks in this picture. You could be twiggy like Grace. These are my running shorts. Here comes Grace in her tiny little bikini. You might want to start running again. You’re looking a little heavy. You’re so skinny. No need to make your aunts feel ashamed about the size of their bodies. You’ll be hungry again in two hours. There’s not much to ya. I’ve been the same weight since high school. Go put some clothes on. You have some tree trunks for legs. Have you been losing weight? Is that an outfit you would wear in front of your grandparents? Do you ever stop eating? Are you eating enough? It’s ninety degrees outside. You dress like a slut. Grace never stops eating. Put some meat on those bones. Those tank top straps are too thin. You don’t look like a runner. God, you’re skinny. The boys get to run without their shirts on. No need to show off. She’s like a bottomless pit. Are you anorexic? Sit with your legs crossed. The grocery bill always goes up when Grace is home. Eat. I’m the same weight. Your classmates might find it distracting. You have curves. Man, you’re skinny. Have some class. Grace ate all the leftovers. All 100 pounds of you. The air conditioner is broken. Does that skirt go past your fingertips? You’re bigger for a distance runner. Grace would like some more food. Your shorts are too short. Grace will eat it for her second dinner. Your cheekbones are looking more prominent. Who will even see me? Did you go out dressed like that? Those jeans make your ass look huge. You’ve toned out. Be careful bending over. Go eat some cake. Should you be eating that? I didn’t even notice.

About the Author: Grace Schwenk is a writer from the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. When not writing, she can be found getting lost in the mountains with her pack of hiking chihuahuas.