Eva Schalick

World's Love Update

In stories told, the Prince will take her hand,
Confess their love, new rulers of the land,
Happily ever after, close the gates,
Too blind to see the world's new love update.
At young age this was how I saw this plan,
A Bride and Groom bonding at the stand,
But love, I found out, went other ways,
Hated by the ones stuck in the old days.
Born paths that directed them to this fate,
"A path straight to Hell", they'd say in full hate.
But why would God create us here to stay,
Exactly how we're meant to be, straight or gay?
So let's have brand new Fairy Tales come true,
Princess with Princess, or Prince with Prince too.

About the Author: Eva is 15 years old, a sophomore in highschool, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. What is being submitted is a poem she wrote herself. It is a statement of her belief of all the types of sexualities. She believes that we are all equals, and should be treated as equals regardless of our gender and sexuality. The poem states how some people are not treated equally when it comes to who they love, and that others in the world discriminate against them because of it. She believes that those others in the world need to "update" their perspective of Love, for she believes: Love Is Love.