Elliot Rose Barker

The World Through My Point of View 

How can I best explain the way I feel? 

Autism is like wearing a heavy sweater on a scorching hot day. 

The only difference is, it can’t come off. 

Like glue. 

I challenge myself to speak in front of others, but it is difficult. 

I overstimulate myself just by looking people in the eyes. 

And when I get overstimulated, things just get hotter. 


Like when your mom tells you to go hug someone you don’t feel like hugging. Like a bubbling volcano, just about to erupt. 

And when it does? Oh, boy. 

It is like paint being splattered against a wall. 

A million little spiders crawling up your arms and legs and you’re desperately trying to shake them off. 

All your energy is finally being released. 

Everything built up inside is coming out, draining all your energy. 

That’s what autism feels like.

About the Author: Elliot Rose Barker is a fourteen-year-old published nonfiction writer and poet from Ontario, Canada. They have been previously published by Manitoba Possible, where one of their best works is featured. Follow them on their social medias @neop0litan to support the young author!