Dara Lusk

thoughts while driving through the canyon amid a crisis—

while it switches out its wardrobe each season,
putting on a fresh coat,
and the road shows its wrinkles in the worn double tire lines,
the canyon as it stands remains firm in its essence.
i, as i am, have no power to tear down its peaks.
my efforts would only succeed in rearranging its pebbles,
and if I were to spend this moment and every one following
down to my last with an axe in hand,
a millennial of trees would remain.
perhaps if the whole world united in the cause of its destruction
we could level it to nothing more than the dust it compiles.
and maybe if i drive that unchanging road
and learn to recognize each changing leaf and know its earth,
i can, from this moment and every one following,
find a way to become as indestructible.

About the Author:

Dara Lusk is an English Major at Utah State University pursuing an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as a minor in Psychology. She is originally from the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC and is eager to continue exploring the West coast. When not in class, her head is most likely lost in fantasies of Europe, second hand books shops, and pizza. She loves binge-reading classics, spontaneous adventures that make her shoes dirtier than they already are, and long mountain-road drives.