Daisy Xu


I’m too afraid to breathe— 
It’s the memories of you that 
Filled full within my lungs 
I’d rather hold my breath till 
Everything blank out in my head— 
Boundless white 
Before the air float up to sky  
The dust sink to earth down 
Down down to the chaos before universe —than to exhale you  

Soundless of the air 
Only the beating of the heart and drum 
The drum before everything has ever been Loud, such to quiver my world but 
No sound to neighbour galaxies 
Trillion streams of energy at war  
Inside me 
Sparkles lit up electric flow through  My capillaries 
Five myriads ice, five myriads fire 
Like countless stars birthing and dying At the same exact eternality  

They say that  
I have fallen for you 
It’s never just you… 
‘tis the thousand mild light—delicate romance —Deflected my thoughts  
And turned my eyes into ponds 
One for a wobbly you 
One for the moon

About the Author: Daisy Xu is an 18-year-old high school senior currently studying in Shanghai, China, who is (possibly) going to major in Art History and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She is immensely passionate about literature, especially poetry and Shakespeare. She started writing poems in the summer of 2020 and this is her very first publication. She likes to document the fleeting inspirations in life with poetry and experiment with words.