Cherianne Yoon

What's Next?

A feeling of deja vu
that visits her every Summer

Her feet sweep against the street,
a fleeting heat

Slick sweat stuck on her back

Wicked and fickle ticks
that lick the icky sticks
Squirrels and their bronze pearls
She writes in her journal

Trips down the memory lane
Snippets and skips
Like bubbles in her brain
Some things she just can’t sustain
Memory is a daisy chain 
but will shrivel away
with an inescapable passing of time

She wonders when she grew up
When she stopped playing with dolls 
and imaginary friends
When she started keeping others at arm’s length
When an innocent baby became a guilty liar

And she asks,
“ What’s next?”

About the Author: Cherianne is a 14-year-old freshman from California who enjoys writing and reading in her free time (though she finds there to be less and less as time goes on). Although she despises the idea of exercise, the inspiration for this poem came to her when she was taking a walk with her dad during a hot day. Inspiration comes to her at the weirdest times and places, so she's always got her nose in her notes app. This is her first time publishing one of her own poems.