Amelia Robinson

If My Life Were a Song 

If my life were a song it would be beautiful. The melodies would be intertwined with each other. Constantly being written and changed. There would be mountains to climb with the high pitch of an opera singer and low valleys of the bass in the choir. If my life were a song, you, the listener, would not believe it to be true. You might scoff and assume fiction of what I have seen and heard. With so many events shaking the ground I walk on. One on its own is a struggle to be regarded as difficult, but stacked on top of each other, the hurricanes, tornadoes, viruses, and robbery of a car, it is all truly questionable. My life is not a sad song, nor a happy one, but somewhere in between with a mosaic of emotions, tears and laughs, yelling and shaking. You would feel the swirls of a tornado dancing into your ears. You would understand the want to cherish the warm embrace of a loved one, comforting you in loneliness. Arms wrapping around you with a feeling from inside your chest of kindness and care. If my life were a song you would understand and relate to the struggles of a virus that changes the tune. From joyous and playful, to a new song, with a sprinkle of doom and gloom. “No house to call home” you would hear me sing, whirling and twirling around that triangle’s ring. If my life were a song you would feel warmth and light, from those voices of encouragement, and the sun that shines through those dark clouds, so bright. You would hear as the song raps to a close, for now, a new day, a new dawn, for like most, I believe it will end up as a happy song. I have no proof, I must confess, that when the day is done, all will be well, but sometimes I need that hope. I need the knowledge that after all the struggling, I will find peace. With all those hopes and dreams I can picture it, as it seems. In my head I see a flower blooming after the drought. With this bizarre song, and the people around me, I will find strength just where we are. With the band as my heart, my lungs, my mind. If my life was a song I would wish to share it, for I would want the person, with my song going through their head, to understand exactly who I am. Perhaps a grain of sand, but maybe, just maybe, something more. A door, opening up the world in your eyes. A song, a melody, a tune, a person. I am my life, I am a song.

About the Author: Amelia Robinson is a high schooler in the ninth grade, who enjoys creative writing and aspires to be a writer one day. She has lived in New Orleans all her life and has gone to LCS since kindergarten. Amelia is a family and friend oriented person, who believes that those around her make her the person she is today.