Zhao Gu Gammage

The Art of Time

Time is objectively linear
We know this
No matter what we want
Time is objectively linear
We can’t go back in time
We can’t go forward in time
We merely obey time

Art is subjectively linear
Do we know this?
No matter what we want
Art is subjectively linear
We can destroy art
We can create art
Art merely obeys us

But how can we know
What is objective
What is subjective
What is subjectively objective
What is objectively subjective

Can we even know at all?

About the Author: Zhao Gu Gammage will be a freshman at Haverford College in fall 2021, where she intends to major in Classics. Born in WuWei, China, and raised in Philadelphia, PA., her writing in Detester and Reinvented magazines often centers on questions of truth, free thought, and civil debate. She has received two Scholastic Art and Writing awards for her work exploring current events in 2020.