Sophia Vesely

Dark Side of the Moon

I am dazed
as you dance in circles around me,
creating a perfect orbit 
with your synchronized feet.

I sway to your rhythm
as the phases of light 
transition, disappear, reappear,
cast against your craterous face.

You are so monumental, so cosmic,
pulling the liquid current of my heart
toward the peak of my breast
toward the brim of my hair’s split ends.

But as you round me,
you rotate so slightly 
in your stance,
so I can see only 
the stars in your eyes
of an ever-faded man.

your backside is ruinous, jagged
by meteors of pain and torment,
but how can I know this truth
when you keep it 
always dark for me?

I’ll Fly Higher

it was your words. 
pierced my round external.
i deflated into dissolution.
another name in your journal.

i withered into a mere object.
something to squeeze in the palm of your hand.
i became less human.
rather just some plaything in high demand.

you made me into something less
than I know myself to be.
you conjured so much rage,
But that anger inflated me.

With heavy breath of understanding,
I distended and flew higher. 
My life as your toy?
Was a triumph to retire.

About the Author: Sophia Vesely is 19 years old and a class of 2020 high school graduate from St. Petersburg, Florida. She is currently taking a gap year before her matriculation to Swarthmore College in the fall of 2021. She has work published in W-Poesis, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Fiction Week Literary Review, The Blue Marble Review, Writer’s Egg Magazine, Bandit Fiction, and Brown Bag Online as well as a published poetry collection on entitled “The Road to Amour de Soi” that explores the complexities of first loves and heartbreak in order to empower young women through the notion of self-love.