Preta Peace Namasaba


Fences, you've built your fences
And you've got all these justifying defences
I know you're trying to hem me in
But I swear I'll strive to be seen

Barriers, you surround me with barriers
Like I'm one of those contagious carriers
Oh! It's such a pathetic folly
But I swear you won't keep me from glory

Walls, your walls bar me
You want to keep me on my knee
In this oppressive fold
But I swear I'll go for gold

The world has set all these limits
To keep me in retrogressive pits
Like I'm some circus clown
But I swear, I'll not for long be down

About the Author: Preta Peace Namasaba is a young female writer from Jinja,Uganda. She is pursuing a Bachelor's in Law at Makerere University. She is passionate about gender equality and identifies as a feminist. Preta worked as the Chief Editor at the Ray Magazine. Currently, she is a contributor at the Economic Misfit and publishes regularly on her personal blog.