Piper White

Let Me Be Your Doll

Let me be your doll.
A doll to torture and torment 
when left in the corner
like you left me to wonder 
if you were ever coming back.

Back you came 
once I begged for affection,
apologizing for things you did,
for ways you felt. 
Because I was scared 
of you finding another doll to play with.

In silk dresses and silk sashes 
I let you stash me away 
like I stashed away your flaws. 
Flaws that drove me from ever saying 
I love you again.

You dressed and undressed me 
with words of desire,
words of degradation, 
words of worth I couldn’t find
as a doll on your shelf. 

A shelf where I kept 
my aspirations from annihilation
because you didn’t understand them. 

Dressed and undressed 
Dressed and undressed
Dressed and undressed

I went mad which made you mad 
which made me mad
which made you worse 
which made me cry 
which made me die

Inside my heart your ecstasy, 
was not my ecstasy. 
I was in denial about you about us
about who we once were. 

I choked down the truth, 
choked down our past, 
choked on my tears.
Because the past was the past
and it can’t be brought back.

How we cannot be brought back.

Because dolls wear down, 
you wore me down, 
I wore you down
and we were both tired. 

And still to this day i will say
Let me be your doll.
Let me be your doll.
Let me

About the Author: Piper White is a university student from North Carolina studying creative writing and publishing. She has self published two, young adults novels. Her work has been featured in Atlantis and Grimsy magazine. Writing has always been her thing and she wants to pursue a life full of words and endless amounts of books