Jayden Leonard

not your muse

I’ve always found things to admire 
within myself
but I didn’t think anyone else was paying
for a school hallway is not the Louvre 
and I am not in two 

You compared us to paintings
and now 
my face is painted with a smile
I’m not used to being 
at least it’s been awhile 

Mona Lisa 
hung upon your wall
for a smile too small

so I’m sorry,
but the museum is closed
this exhibit is no longer
on display
you looked a little too close 
and picked the petals
off of my Monet

About the Author: Originally from Nebraska, Jayden Leonard is currently a freshman at a small Christian college in Colorado. She has previously been published in her high school and college's literary journals, Appelley Publishing's 2019 Rising Stars Collection, and Nebraska's Poetry of Place website. In the future Jayden would like to use her talents to become a professional songwriter and author.