Casey Arias

Everything's Okay 

Sitting on the bathroom floor, 
Face cupped between my sweating palms
They hold hot tears like teacups now
Cold white floor presses against my brown skin
A slight movement disrupts the balance,
The string of yarn on the brink of snapping
Garnering strength I stand on weak, numbing legs 
A warped reflection teasing me,
Its red devil face and mascara stained cheeks
The way her lip quivers and glassy eyes droop 
A contorted face whimpers in the mirror,
As burning teardrops hit the dirty sink 
Through the paper thin walls I hear them 

The moment has passed 

A shaky hand twists the sink's nozzle 
I splash cold water underneath my brown eyes 
Then glide a soft towel to dry my soaked face
My face feels lighter, lifted even
"Everything's okay"
Though the mirror does not believe my empty words
I practice a smile, sure to not show my sharp yellowed teeth
It's a mask I have perfected to hide what lies beneath
Sliding on my blue-rimmed glasses, 
I flash my reflection one more vacant grin 
Breathe in, breathe out 
The door cracks open
I step outside

About the Author: Casey Arias is a sophomore at Union Catholic High School in New Jersey. Her work has been previously published in Of Love and Dedication, a topical anthology by The Live Poets Society of New Jersey. She has recently delved into poetry as a way to express her complicated teenage emotions and identity as the daughter of Costa Rican immigrants. Her passions include reading, public speaking, and politics.