Ariana Calderón


wildflowers bloom from the moon in her head
the wind plucks a petal and immediately,
it is sent into orbit. 
among the stars, there is life. 

down below, she has parents and toes
both of which gravitate toward solid ground.
pressure works well keeping stars in the sky, but
here on earth it’ll crush her precious petals. 

grounded in a universe of her own, 
her hair fuels a fire of 
red-orange flames 
sparked at birth. it’s a miracle 
there is fire on the moon! 

don’t touch her universe 
look through a telescope and see her make
a masterpiece of light, and she will dance
watch her dance pirouettes on the moon
plucking petals and tossing them into the blue,
where they become stars.

About the Author: Ariana is a 21 year old Mexican-American theatermaker based in New York City. She draws inspiration from the mountains and trees, and is sparked by worlds beyond. Ariana believes her work exists because of support from her various communities. This is her first publication.