Zuri Wilson

A Deserving Love 

my love doesn’t know serenity. 
it is not docile,
it’s infinite wildfires that never met the ocean,
or a host of volcanic eruptions catered by thunderstorms.
my love craves chaos and riots
like it was wrongfully accused and shot to death by the police,
like it stipulates justice & attention 
my love is repulsed by silence,
it’s kin to rallies and public declarations,
it’s a Pentecostal church on New Year’s Eve before the countdown,
or like Bourbon Street after a Saints’ victory 
my love despises neglect and idleness 
it requires handwritten novels, 
one thousand mile walks, 
and sculpted monuments of admiration 
my love isn’t sane so 
don’t love me like you are,
like your love is caged by boundaries,
like your love is afraid of mine... 
cuz my love solely accepts mayhem, 
it‘ll only flourish with the love that screams for it

About the author: Zuri Wilson, 20, is a proud Miss Hall’s School alum from New Orleans, Louisiana and currently living in Stockbridge, Georgia where she also attends Georgia State University. Zuri has been writing poetry since middle school and has performed her pieces at many open mics. In 2017, she had the honor and pleasure to advance to the LTAB (Louder Than A Bomb) Boston poetry slam where she placed as a 10th finalist.