Zalma Abassi

Under the Glorious Sky

When the stars gleam dimmed, in a star-lit night
And moon shyly reflects the beloved’s light
There stands so straight, a Willow tree
But it’s arms it leans, for the little trees-to-be
And by its side, from the cliff so high
A stream flows down, under the glorious sky

Many a smiles hide their pains,
Be a smile that soothes the pain.
Many a souls fight their battles, 
Fight a battle for someone else.
For, a man is human; mankind humanity
When one understands the other.

Read the dark
Read the dark, it holds all
It seems none, but it is all
It absorbs;
the red of roses, the blue of skies,
the aqua of oceans, the green of leaves,
the silver of stars, the gold of heavens,
And, all the colors this world ever own
Darkness holds them all within
it holds all, and is all.mash
Come, read the dark.

About the author: Zalma Abbasi, 18, is a student at ICG college Islamabad, Pakistan. Her poems aim to depict nature, human emotions, and social conditions prevailing all across.