Rita Azekwoh

Butterfly Effect

i have heard about the butterfly effect,
but i never believed it,
it is the scientific theory,
that a single occurence ,
no matter how small,
can change the universe forever,
maybe i am that occurence,
and maybe this is were my story begins,
because there is always a story behind everything,
how a picture got on a wall,
how a scar got on a face,
sometimes the stories are short and simple,
and sometimes the stories are hard and heartbreaking,
but behind your story,
is your mother's story,
because her story,
is where your story begins.

About the author: Rita Azekwoh is from Nigeria. She is 18 years old. She has never been published before. This is the first time she is actually letting anyone see her work, let alone of publish any of it. She has been writing since she was 10, so you know, she has a lot of poems to show for it. She is also in her first year in Covenant University, Nigeria. She is just  passionate and open minded.