Megan Spisak

Swimming Pool

There is comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool.
The pressure that cracks your ribcage,
that consumes your limbs.
The weight of water is less than the world,
and for a moment floating feels like flying.
It sheds away strife with chlorine and bromine.
Its warm hug heals spent souls
With the sound of blissful nothing.
The beauty of it's refracting light,
is as if a chandelier swam amongst us.


I understand your urge to leave.
I was so consumed in the paralyzing fear of disappointing you,
that I did just that.

light pollution 

We would spend hours discussing light pollution.
How shameful that phenomenon is.
I never realized it until after you left,
but you were my embodiment of light pollution.
And now that you are gone,
the stars shine brighter than ever before.

About the author: Megan Spisak is a senior attending North Royalton high school in Ohio. She is heavily involved in the arts as well as her school's theatre program. She has been published in her school's literary magazine Inkwell in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 issues. *Note: See Megan's visual art in this issue of Girls Right the World!