Maxine Osorio

The Divide Between Two Oceans 

My baptism
supposedly means I’m God sent and
My lent
would make you repent
My bible
is your koran and
My amen
Makes you carry on

 Amor prohibido  

We are the guinea pigs
Wondering ourselves if this is possible
Ideas clash
Like waves from two different oceans
Our water is made up of the same virtues

Amor prohibido   

What has separated
our people for so long?
Like the Pacific and Atlantic
at their own made up frontier

Careful not to converge,
They stand, still.

Perhaps our grandparents may never understand,
But let us continue as if our grandchildren will.  

About the author: Maxine Osorio is a junior at Michigan State University studying special education and minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Maxine is a proud first generation student with strong Mexican roots and she hopes to spread awareness and love through poetry to her global students someday. This is Maxine's first publication.