MacKenzie Fiona


i. warmth 

i miss the warmth of 
hand in hand. she is the moon,
she is calm like sun.

she is tide, and she 
ebbs and flows with gentle grace -
i am manic speed. 

there is contention, 
but opposition welcomed 
in, like fresh of air. 

a dark silhouette 
against purple fire-
his face scrunches up. 

she runs with no grace,
or the elegance i have
come to know from her. 

i miss the warmth of 
hand on cheek. she is the heat, 
i am cold like night. 

ii. haikus and heaven 

he blocks my entry, 
breaks hand that touches women-
for I broke vows first.

he tells me, I must 
forfeit the love of my life 
like she is nothing,
if I want to feel
the warmth that is at his feet.
bring me in from cold,
just to freeze my heart- 
the warmth that is my woman
is beyond compare 

is she worth the toil?
abyss of asphodel fields,
love versus purpose,
trapped by laws and gods 
known from our own creation,
frightened to submit.

she is like the sun 
but he’s the one who made her,
all her light is his,
and all of her light 
can be found behind the gates.
all of her- but her. 

when I love my girl, 
I am stilted, by a wall 
that stands between both 
she and I, and then 
me and heaven and my God,
which path is loving?
I may never know
Which path leads to truest love
But I know, oh do I know, 
That I need love and purpose,
And perhaps she is both.

iii. warmth 

to be warm, splendour, 
on grass that itches our legs, 
sun that warms our back 

to be cool, ocean, 
under water’s oily film 
hand in hand in hand

she’s mine and i’m hers
she still looks like you without
the burden of hair.

touch on skin on rocks
sharp and jagged fingernails
draw blood until aches

About the author: I am an 18-year old university student, from Sydney.