Isabelle Lee

Fool’s Gold

Today, ruled by devices and robots, we
Too often consign ourselves to technology,
Hypnotizing us with screens, enchanting us
With sirens of social media, consuming us
With image after image. So we turn away
From Mother Nature’s gifts and live
Glued to the screens provided.
Posting message after message,
We fish for approval from those we regard
As friends, but to our dismay,
Find only fool’s gold as these friends
Can never replace ones we confide, laugh,
And cry with, those we touch, listen, and
Share our souls with.

Now, but once in a while, do we step
Outdoors into the glorious world of Nature,
True gold, not glaring blue of devices,
Nor do we often release restless thumbs
To fresh wind, not dimensionless screens,
As we rediscover Nature’s gifts given
To be used over and over. Unless we
Continue to ignore her, she will hold us
In endless beauty, peace, and gratitude:
For snowflakes and raindrops in winter,
Blossoms and butterflies in spring,
Sunsets and waves in summer,
Pumpkins and harvests in autumn
To soothe our spirits.

About the author: Isabelle Lee, from Saratoga, California, is now in her third year of study at Poetry Power under the direction of an award-winning poet and essayist, and she finds herself growing closer and closer to this genre as she goes along. She has already received a number of publications from adult literary magazines, including California’s Song of the San Joaquin in 2018, Illinois’ WestWard Quarterly in 2019, and selection by Arizona’s The Avocet for a showcase of outstanding nature poetry in 2020. Awards have also been forthcoming! Isabelle is proud to have received recognition from the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition and Conceit Magazine’s international poetry award.