Grace Noh

As rain

As rain wrestles rock, you seeped
And entered bleak waters, of what appeal
I wonder, perhaps poetry
in its movement--
Subdued passions and
Forgiving nature. Amused you are
To have broken surface,
My thoughts yours to muse upon,
Laws yours to ease. 

About the author: Grace Noh is a junior at Upper Dublin High School in Ambler, PA. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, winning a gold key, and will also be published in the Just Poetry!!! Magazine this spring. Her poems try to illustrate a rich and sensuous portrait of her own personal epiphanies regarding the nature of our relationships and the profound emotions that our experiences evoke in us. While she is not an activist poet who seeks to empower others, she hopes to restore and inspire a sense of wonder from within each of us, to offer her insights on emotion and identity, as well as share her keen love of nature and beauty.