Grace Galligan


Here I stand
Vein and bone
Welded into patterns
Of inexorable certainty
Of constellations
Piecing the sky like the freckles on my skin
A reminder that I am here
I brand this night
I cast my voice into the obsidian void
I won’t fold myself 
Into your boxes
You so carefully constructed 
Because you couldn’t handle difference
Breaches in scripted expectation 
I am stubborn
I am bold
I am imperfect
We’ve spent so long subscribed
To simplicity, conformity
That we’ve forgotten 
There is extraordinary beauty
In transgression

About the author: Grace Galligan is currently a sophomore attending a high school in Colorado. Previously, she has been published in her school's literary magazine and writing camp anthologies. She hopes to use her poetry to promote feminism and female empowerment.