Ariel Miles


The main reason why I write,
it is so that I tell my story in different lights.
Normally I like to rhyme,
But I am not amazon prime,
I don’t come on time,
And this causes my brain to grind.

That’s the next reason I write,
Mr brain consumes challenges bite by bite.
I enjoy the struggling,
Because then I know I earned it.

I know that the majority of my ancestors couldn’t write,
I feel like I execute their reason to fight.
And look! Now it’s a right
The freedom of self-expression in broad daylight.

Persons say I have a talent,
But I view it as my client.
It has a very heavy load,
That I normally take abode.
I have a responsibility of fulfilling it,
And I secretly enjoy doing it.

Normally when I write,
It brings and takes stress,
It does the first then follows the rest.

The last reason I like to write,
Is because it concludes anything,
It paints a bright picture that portrays everything.
That is everything in my head,
From love, hate, happy to dread.

A bonus is that its very mysterious,
Everyone has to guess if your serious.
It brings the challenge from in me to you
To see if you understand my blues.

And when your brain stats working,
That’s how I know my job is complete,
My client can leave knowing her work is achieved.

About the author: Ariel Miles is a 14-year-old teenager who lives in Jamaica, West Indies. She loves to write creative pieces including essays, critiques, and poems. She has been published in the local papers, Mandeville Weekly and The Children's Own Jamaica. She aspires to be a robotics engineer and currently, has a small business selling skincare products.  She is also a leader at school. From the age of 3, she uses her spare time dancing.