Angelina Cruzal

may 29, 2019 // 1:20pm

every sign that led me to you was a fabrication
trust me,
i've retraced my steps
and walked past them all.

a lie, each and every last one.

i must've been lost
among the clouds of admiration
and misread.

CAUTION: emotional torment ahead
YIELD to oncoming heartbreak for self love
STOP assigning feelings to the wrong people

or maybe you cast a spell on me
it allowed me to perceive you
as amazing
while not allowing me 
to overlook your positives
and see the horror 
that lay behind your beckoning eyes.

you did what I could not
entice myself 
to believe you were good enough

you don't deserve me,
but i sure as hell
deserve myself.

About the author: Angelina Cruzal is from Campbell, California and is currently a Sophomore pursuing a B.A. in Writing at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. Her work was included in a small self-published book in 2018 titled The Poetry Book. Among her interests in writing and anything literary related, she is also a collegiate athlete who plays forward for the Buffalo State Women's Ice Hockey team.