Shreya Vallampati


All my life
I have fought against
Stereotypes that cage the
Light that emanates through my soul
Into bleak oblivion lighting up a little corner
Of the dark world
And all those nights I have stayed awake
Going through newspaper articles
And writing about why we don’t let
Some people, some cultures, some religions
Breathe a little freely
And when you talk of nuclear annihilation
Or a new age revolution
I have thoughts on those and
opinions of my own
more to add
And rebuttals for you
And the women of this generation
That you look down upon
Have been misunderstood
In this era of reform
Us millenials have once again
Been reborn outside social constructs
With views so strong
And voices so loud
That we don’t need
microphones at all
And when this country needs protection
I am half of it
I will fight for it
Stand tall and proud
Next to men
Or slewn on the ground
For my motherland
Some nights I wonder
Why a sisterhood is not considered
As strong as a brotherhood
And I realise these are just labels
And labels should never define
Living breathing fire spewing
Incarnations of goddesses
Who have the ability
To change this world
And make it better
We are the girls
Of the New Age
We have nothing
to be afraid of
The world is in front of us
Waiting to be conquered.

About the author: My name is Shreya V, I am 20 years old from India. I am pursuing a Bachelor in Science degree in Economics in India. I have loved writing poems since my school days but then I stopped, I am glad to say that I have resumed writing and love every moment of it. 

Through my poem I have tried to put across the point that, girls of this generation are aware of what is going on in society. We have opinions that need to be heard and should be given a platform. We know about the economy, nuclear annihilation, all the revolutions, and it is high time that people stop thinking that girls our age don't know what is going on in the world.