Marianiki Daniil

Knights Too

“But don’t you want to be saved?” she asks me.

“No.” I answer. “I don’t.”

“But it’s so romantic!” she whines.

“No.” I tell her. “It’s not.”

“So you don’t want a knight in your life?”

“No. Because I’m the knight.”

And it sounds so cheesy.

But we live in a society, where,

‘being saved’ by a man is considered romantic.

And girls dream about finding their prince charming.

Their knight in shining armor.

They think that feminine,

means weak.

And sweet,

means stupid.

So they stay in their castles

and wait for their knights.

They don’t realize,

They’re knights too.

About the author: Marianiki Daniil is greek and she's currently attending Junior year of a small Highschool in Athens, Greece. She's never been published before. She enjoys reading, writing and playing with makeup. She's a strong advocate of feminism and equality of all people.