Madison Bennett

The Seamstress


Her stitching was making me itch
But I paid the needle no mind
She had cut into my life with Her beautiful patterns and soft edges
Sewing into every seem


Her quilts soft and warm
Obscuring the torment of every prick and prod
Of every restless night
And every mindless day


She would tell me things
Many sweet awful things
I would ask Her kindly to put Her needle down
The words were beginning to draw blood


But as She slowly forgot about this little project of Hers
Leaving me a rag doll
Broken and alone
I began to heal and grow
And I found someone new


About the author: Madison “Noel" Bennett is a sixteen-year-old student currently attending Collegiate Academy. She has lived in a variety of different towns all across Texas. This will have been second time to have her work published. Besides writing she is a cactus enthusiast, tea connoisseur, and an active artist. This piece of work in particular describes an emotionally abusive relationship, she once had, with someone she thought was her best friend. Though she is past those time she wrote this to reflect and remind her of what she's went through, and to keep moving on.