Lizette Navarro


Isn’t age just a number?
When did my age become a measurement of my intelligence?
The young is outnumbered..
Stop making it out as if we have no relevance,
Because you know what?
We are the future and we shall be discovered.
We are forced to be shaken with a sense of helplessness.
You tell us we don’t know the truth.
We use our strong sense of fearlessness, as our voice,
We are the youth.
20 years from now will you be able to say you believed in us or hid the truth?
All we know is what is being shown from your roots.
You say that we're too childish, what's ironic is your own petulance.
This stereotype needs to be disencumbered.
Yet, the land of the “free” now excludes my age’s excellence,
You say we have a high level of recklessness.
We deserve the opportunity to show off our unique individual intelligence.
are all different, yet you don't give us a chance to use our skills as evidence.
Can you hear my message?
Do you believe in the youth’s relevance?


Yo soy una Mexicana,
Because of the color of my skin it somehow defines my knowledge,
It somehow makes me not eligible for college.
What about The Latinos Fighting Back?
No, we are not rapists.
We aren’t here to steal your jobs.
All we want to do it escape this.
On your flag you have your 50 stars.
You look at me and call me an alien,
But am I really from Mars?
Not everyone of us has been put behind bars.
Some of us have put all our money towards our education and live in cars.
We're not all only bringing drugs nor crime.
Not everyone of us has ever stole a dime.
Maybe our life is full of endless trees we have to climb.
Maybe our dreams are harder to reach than yours of course,
But for now, we use our strongest force.
Yet years pass and there still has been no change,
This entire situation is flat out strange.
Lets come together and stop playing this game.
We aren't looking for anyone to blame.
?Porque nos tratan así?
?Porquenuestro mundo está así?

About the author: Lizette Navarro is a 16 year old Mexican writer from Oakland, California. She writes about inequalities that have effected her heavily, anything from race to gender to education to prison. She writes as a way to share her voice because it may change a life for the better!