Khaliphile Nzimande

Return my love 

your dips and curves that you’re so ashamed of
match the majestic mountains you can overcome

The scars and stretch marks hugging your skin
Tell magnificent stories, like rings on a tree stump

Your imperfect skin that makes you so insecure
Adds character and uniqueness to you

Your dark complexion that matches the esoteric night
Does not need bleaching like an old shirt

Your fair skin, warm to the touch
Does not need layers of chemicals to be accepted

You see I have always loved you and seen your beauty
yet you have not said one loving thing to me

But I will wait for the day you realize the mirror is lying
As it does not show your glistening eyes when you laugh

Nor does it portray you
As you gleam with happiness - doing what you love

For the things that make you feel worthless
Are my favourite things about you

I love you more than you love yourself
And I’m willing to share my ways

Sincerely, your body

About the author: Khaliphile, who prefers Khali, is a teenage girl from South Africa who spends too much of her time watching series and writing poetry. Most of her inspiration comes from situations she’s dealt with in her life as they allow her to write emotional and authentic poetry. This is the first time her poetry has been noticed outside of her school and she couldn’t be more excited.