Gueneviere Pladsen-Cosby


the rhythm of geese wings
feathers plummeting like teeth from the sky
the celebration of coming of age
and abandoning the nest
you claim to not care about independence
but you’re sheepish and unprepared
trying to run from all that’s different
and searching for familiarity
the time of being watched over has passed
your down is gone
a fresh plumage of large feathers has sprouted
you say it’s come too soon
leaving you scared and feeling like the only creature
not ready to leave the mess of twigs and scraps you called home

About the author: Gueneviere Pladsen-Cosby is a sixteen year old girl pushing her way through her junior year of high school. She has moved around a lot in her life and is currently living in Cape Cod with her mother, grandmother, and her aunts and uncles. She is an only child but is treated like a sibling by her aunts and uncles due to how close in age they are. She loves drawing and expressing herself through her art and writing.