Erin Hansbrough

Galaxy Girl

Galaxy girl is beautiful,
her hair swirling with light.
Her eyes are dark,
but they glow with the mirth of nebulas
compacting into planets,
beginning something grand.
I didn’t plan to fall
into the depth of the aether,
lose myself
within her silver-space smile,
dream of her laughter
like colored clouds singing.
I didn’t expect to find myself
in the wild untame
of the outer atmosphere,
floating up into her unknown.
I’m going somewhere new,
into the uncharted reaches,
regions unseen by my sheltered mind.
I hope she’s still waiting
for the day my spaceship is complete
and I can once again feel the way her fingertips
make mine seem
like they’re made of stars.

About the author: Erin Hansbrough is an 18 year old poet living in Southwest Virginia. Several of her poems have been featured in her school's literary magazine and her poem "Fireflies" was chosen for publication in Cicada Magazine. She enjoys writing about nature, sketching her friends, and drinking copious amounts of tea.