Alyce Hidenrite

Star froth

There are days when I can't feel anything
So I'll lay down in my night
The sea of stars lapping against me
Looming above was  the objective cosmos
Maybe not objective but unmotivated uncaring not feeling and uncertain
Like how I felt
The star waves came around me
Like hands searching for something to grasp
I already knew I wasn't going to be found by the star waves
But as they finished feeling my skin they left trails of starfroth that slowly faded away
This is where I went when I could not feel
And here is where I went to accept
That feeling nothing at all
Is still a feeling.

About the author: Alyce Hidenrite is a 19 year old from the deep south of Texas. As a young woman her view on herself was warped. She believed for many years that her place on this earth was to serve others, that her sexuality did not exist, and that she should be seen and not heard. She has gone through quite a journey to love herself and realize her self worth. Alyce's message to all young women is to listen to your heart, it will keep you o the right path. Alyce’s work has not been published before.