Adebisi Amori


One sat still by the window,
hands clutched together.
It seemed time had stood still,
as all her failures replayed in her head.
She remembered the times,
the moments she had fallen down,
but she hadn't gotten up back.
Tears rolled down her eyes,
and fell on the sheets around her.
There was no getting back up,
Or so she thought.
It was over.

The other  looked behind her window,
and for the first time in a long time, allowed herself to look at Maya's room,
where she sat, on her bed,all scattered,
And Maya looked torn,
Maya had been her best friend, but then
she had began to withdraw,
And she was too proud to bother.
But now, she hoped it was not to late.
She had always cared, she still cared.
And she was going to show her.
She just hoped she would accept it.

It was two days later,
they sat on the swings in the park.
They had gone back to being friends.
It wasn't the way it had always been,
but they'd always grow into what they wished.
Maya spilled out her words on paper,
Shelia rapping out random lines.
They were two souls among billions,
broken yet hopeful,
broken yet beautiful,
because life  didn't have to be
perfect to be beautiful.


 Do not lose you
to keep them.
If they don't like the you
and the truth that you carry,
Let them go,
but never lose your identity.
Never lose you,because of them.


Create art
that touches hearts,
who knows,
it might change the whole earth.



About the author: Adebisi Amori is an eighteen year old sociology major in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She loves writing, reading, drawing, public speaking,volunteering among others. Her works have appeared in various websites  and magazines such as Skipping stones magazine. She's a strong advocate of the written word and you can follow her on instagram @thereal_adebisi.